Cancellations, Returns & Refund Issues

Can I cancel my order on the day of delivery or before?
We would encourage you to request for your order to be put on hold instead of cancelling it. As we do charge processing fees upon cancellations despite having any reasons. Putting your order on hold enables you to use the order in the future whenever you needs it.
*Unfortunately, for orders that is already out for delivery, the transaction fees will be higher as the product has already been prepared.*

Will I be charged when I cancel my order?
20% of processing/handling fee when you request for order cancellation. Changes of amount charged may apply in different situations and shall be determined when necessary.

How do I cancel my order?
Please contact our customer service so they can assist you on this matter.

How long will the refund be?
Refunds will usually be processed within 7 – 14 working days. Kindly be patient, and let us know if you do not receive your refund is said days.

How do I get my refund?

Upon refunds confirmation by our Customer Service, payments will be refunded in store credit (Floristr Card) ONLY. This gift card will have a standard expiry date of one year and can be used to purchase any product in our store. Any leftover credit can be used for subsequent purchases.

I received the wrong bouquet.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused, kindly contact our friendly customer service so they can arrange the next step for you. 

I wish to return & get a refund for my order.
We are unable to accommodate this request without any valid reasons. All flowers are checked and properly packaged before delivery, if you failed to notify us regarding to your dissatisfaction towards our fresh flowers within 2 – 3 hours upon receiving, we are unable to determine the cause of the issue.

My flowers are bad-looking, I want a refund/exchange.
It depends on the condition of your flowers. Please send us a photo of the bouquet as soon as possible. Please understand that real flowers will never be 100% perfect. There will always be flaws and imperfections within and they are inevitable as cut flowers were removed from their roots. Kindly note that we will need some time to investigate and to determine what has occurred. We will get back to you as soon as possible and we do ask for the buyers to be patient with us and let us investigate without any interruptions. As much as we are as anxious as you, we do highly appreciate your cooperation.

My receiver refused the delivery, can I get a refund?
We are able to arrange for a re-delivery with extra cost from the purchaser. Unfortunately, a refund is not possible as the product is done and delivery is attempted. We are not responsible to refusal by recipients.

Help! My order was not delivered!
Please contact our customer service so they can assist you as soon as possible.

The delivery is late, I wish to have a refund.
Our delivery time is typically 1pm-7pm, or time-slots are available as option during checkout. Late delivery may be caused by unpredictable situations like heavy rain, heavy traffic, flood, or accidents. We seek for your understanding, if you wish to make a complaint, kindly send your message to our customer service or email to [email protected]